To cultivate the fruit is to be rooted in the place.
To harvest the fruit is to have a dialogue with the seasons.
To savor the fruit is to receive a blessing.

Leaning on nature while facing the occasional challenge, to harvest fruits as if revealing a treasure by hand akin to a sacred ritual and adhering to traditional wisdom. Applying the gentlest method to press a succulent juice lovingly produced with greatest devotion. Produced adhering to a special method, we deliver the delightful flavors of fresh Mikan tangerines homegrown on our farm in Wakayama and of carefully selected fruits from around the world.

Our wish at heart of delicious goodness for your body,
we believe in the nurturing strength of the soil and the fruits’ vitality.


The fruits we grow,
The fruits we select from around the world,
Always providing delicious flavors.


The fruits are carefully prepared, while still fresh, straight from harvest.
Enjoy the luxurious colors, aromas and flavors of 100% freshly squeezed juices free from additives.