In a landscape of colorful citrus fruits growing along the lush green mountains, lies the place of Arida, Wakayama where the original Mikan tangerines have been cultivated for nearly 500 years.
Our farm and production site is located in the abundant nature of Kishu, a region with a mild climate brought by the gentle sea breeze of the warm Kuroshio current.

Unshu Mikan tangerine, Sanpokan orange, Iyokan orange, blood orange and Valencia orange are amongst the other citrus fruits that we cultivate on the seven hectares of our farm using only a natural fertilizer that is an original blend of organic ingredients fermented with Kobo yeast to maximize the inherent vitality of the soil completely free from chemical fertilizers.
Manual tasks that require the human touch, such as pruning the trees, allow us to grow Mikan tangerines of outstanding sweetness by combining the dedication of the farmers with the energy of nature.

More than ten of our juice recipes are made from citrus fruits alone. The freshness of the fruits is preserved along with their original flavor thanks to the gentle extraction method.
Experience the pure and rich aroma of our 100% freshly squeezed juices that is unlike anything commonly available. Aside from juices, we also offer a selection of jams and other products made from peaches harvested in Wakayama, plums from the Kishu region, and other fruits from around the world.

Delicious goodness for your body.
It is our commitment to deliver the delicious flavors of fresh fruits directly to you.


Company name

Tanii Farm Co.,Ltd.


175 Suhara, Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama, 643-0005, Japan


October 24, 1984

Head of company

Yasuhito Tanii


0120 - 44 - 5554


0120 - 74 - 5545

Description of business

Production and sale of agricultural produce and processed foods